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Leadership & Executive Coach


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology (currently pursuing M.S.)

    • Emphasis in Counseling and Social Change (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion)

  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC) through the International Coach Federation (ICF)

  • 14 years of leadership development experience in Corporate, Non-Profit and Higher-Ed settings  

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace Certification

  • Lee Hecht Harrison Coaching Certification

  • DISC Certification in Behavioral Analysis

  • Fluent in Spanish 


  • Navigating Imposter Syndrome

  • Building an Executive Presence

  • Handling Micro-Aggressions

  • Increasing Self-Awareness and Self-Regulating Emotions and Behaviors (EQ)

  • Increasing Inclusive Behaviors

  • Building Inclusive Work Environments



Anaid is a leadership and executive coach with 14 years of Human Resources experience and specialized knowledge in both talent development and talent acquisition  Her work is motivated by the capacity of individuals and teams to leverage their knowledge, skills and abilities to serve and live for their purpose. Her strength lies in her ability to quickly identify and align personal values with those of institutions and systems. The results are client-identified behavioral changes toward a common goal with high impact benefits for both the individual and the organization.  


She is an empowering coach and at her core believes in the resiliency, creativity and resourcefulness of her clients. She has experience in non-profit, corporate and higher-education settings. Anaid holds true to her personal values of respect, quality, service, and integrity which are part of her personal and professional behavior and woven into all aspects of her relationships, projects, and communication.  


As a young Mexican immigrant, I struggled to find my identity in the cultural tapestry of the United States. Like many first-generation Americans I was lost in the culturally conflicting messages of what was expected of me and struggled to engineer my place in the world. Fortunately, I found clarity and a sense of purpose when I got my first job. At 16 year of age, I experienced what it's like to truly love what you do for a living and the powerful impact that a work environment can have on an individual's whole life. My new found purpose acted as a compass when I lost her path and grounded me as I secured my sense of self. Empowered with the knowledge that my unique set of gifts, experiences, pitfalls and triumphs hold strength, wisdom and love, I have been able to embrace the nuances of my identity and intentionally use them as I thrive in a joy filled and purposeful life.   

My family is at the core of my identity and purpose. I gained my strong sense of pride and conviction from my mom - a chilanga with an affinity for manners and proper etiquette - and my integrity and altruism from my father - a humble jack of all trades with a strong respect for all things Nature. The blend of my parents' influences, love of the natural world and figuring out what is proper (accurate), gifted me my own appreciation: science! This lead me to my niche in Industrial-Organization Psychology, the study of human behavior at work. My brothers - one, a bottomless well of positivity and fun and the other, a realist with a heart of gold - are my lifelong coaching clients and the reliable confidence boosters I lean on when the inevitable Imposter Syndrome creeps in. Through my husband, I have witnessed and learned how to live by ones own standards of success and how the key to thriving is by beating your best self, not by competing with your peers.  


All of these people, life experiences and formal trainings fuel my passion and effectiveness at supporting others as they find their strengths, lean into their identities and use them to propel themselves and their careers while creating more positive and inclusive work environments.  

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